EMK Institute Renderings

Offering a new model for education and outreach, the Institute will be a dynamic center of non-partisan learning and engagement that takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to provide visitors with unique, thought-provoking, and inspiring experiences. Through innovative, participatory educational programs, the EMK Institute will engage the public in political debate by bringing them inside the legislative process.

Explore the Institute's Exhibits through the Renderings Gallery

Introduction & Quotes Wall Inspiring quotes from Senators will greet visitors in the Lobby. An introductory video will be shown as visitors enter the building to articulate Senator Kennedy's vision for the EMK Institute.
East Hall The East Hall will draw visitors further into the Institute & teach them about the basic tenets of the U.S. Government.
"Who Are the People?" Gallery A dynamic portrait gallery of Senators from different eras will set the tone for exhibits about the people of the Senate.
"What Were the Great Debates?" Exhibit A dramatically lit exhibit and an interactive kiosk will allow visitors to hear excerpts from some of the great debates that have taken place on the floor of the Senate.
"How a Bill Becomes a Law" Exhibit A multiplayer interactive activity will allow multiple visitors to help move a bill through the process of becoming a law.
"Accomplishments of the Senate" Exhibit This exhibit will allow visitors to navigate the history of legislation using theme-based "legislative trees" that grow & evolve over time.
West Hall The West Hall will feature large displays highlighting citizens who made a difference in American history by standing up for what they believed in.
"What's Hot?" Exhibit The Institute will teach visitors about the issues that are hot or cold in today's Senate in this exhibit that is organized around key legislative themes.
"Take Action" Exhibit Interactive stations will ask visitors to pledge to be more active in civic affairs in their own community.
Broadcast Wall A combination of graphics and dynamic media will allow visitors to watch videos and explore charts about what their fellow citizens think about the issues currently being considered by Congress.
Aerial 1 The Institute is being designed by world-renowned architect, Rafael Viñoly.
Aerial 2 The overall site plan has been designed to work in harmony with the UMass Boston campus, the JFK Library, and the Columbia Point waterfront.
Street View The facility will be designed and operated with sustainable practices, and is on track for LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.
Plaza View Offering a new model for education and outreach, the EMK Institute will invite the American public into the discourse on the challenges facing the nation. Toward that end, the EMK Institute will be a portal into the legislative process and a training ground for the decision-makers of the future.