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Alumni News

Alumna Carmel Martin (D.C., 2005-2008), who previously served as national policy director for Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s presidential campaign, is now acting as a senior advisor to Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Carmel worked on the No Child Left Behind Act during her time with Senator Kennedy’s office, and more recently has defended Common Core standards and the Race to the Top initiative under President Barack Obama. Many believe that if Biden is elected, she will be one of his most important staffers. Read more about Carmel and her role with the Biden campaign here.

The Coalition for a Safer Web (CSW), formed in 2019 by Ambassador Marc Ginsberg (D.C., 1974-1975), is currently conducting a global campaign against the Telegram digital application. Neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups (some based in Russia) are utilizing the app to incite violence during the Black Lives Matter protests. CSW is also promoting formation of a new Social Media Standards Board to bring together social media companies, digital advertisers, and civil society groups to develop a new Silicon Valley-wide content moderation code of conduct. You can learn more about the CSW and their efforts here.

Alumnus Mark Schneider (D.C., 1970-1977, 1981), who served as an advisor on Latin America to Senator Kennedy, wrote an op-ed for the Miami Herald about Latin America and the COVID-19 outbreak. Mark discusses the economic implications that the pandemic has caused as well as how this impacts the Pan-American Health Organization. You can read it here.