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“The Right To Vote Is The Fundamental Political Right In Our Constitutional System. It Is The Cornerstone Of All Our Other Basic Rights. It Guarantees That Our Democracy Will Be A Government Of The People And By The People, Not Just For The People.”


Why Vote?

The foundation of our democracy is the right to vote. Believe it or not, that right was limited at first: only with effort, protest, and sacrifice were successive generations of Americans able to ultimately secure for every citizen the right to help choose their country’s course.

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Martin Luther King III

Global Human Rights Activist and Co-Founder of Drum Major Institute

Cindy McCain

Civic Activist and Philanthropist

Sen. John Kerry

Former U.S. Senator;former Secretary of State

Support Just Vote!

The Just Vote initiative is made possible by contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations. Please join in supporting this important effort!

All contributions are tax deductible.

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