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Guided by education staff and individualized digital tablets, students take on the roles of senators to develop a bill that addresses a major policy issue facing the nation. Students are sworn in as senators, review their state and party interests, interview expert witnesses, discuss and select provisions and amendments to add to the bill and vote in the Senate chamber. The SIM provides structured opportunities for students to learn about and discuss real legislative proposals from the perspectives of their senator roles. They are encouraged to reach across the aisle and work with other senators to identify mutual interests that will benefit their constituents.

Working with students and educators, as well as learning design, legislative, DEI, and technology experts, the Kennedy Institute has updated this award-winning program with new technology, new policy topics, and greater flexibility for teachers and students. Choose from these 2023 SIM topics:

Climate and Energy Policy

In this SIM students work together as senators to build a piece of legislation that focuses on how the United States should adjust its energy policy to meet the demands imposed by climate change, and what role the federal government should have in that process.

Election Reform

This SIM asks students to weigh several possible federal standards for how and when we register and vote, and how we ensure election integrity. Working together as senators, students consider how each provision of the bill they build might affect voter confidence, racial equity, and states’ discretion to determine election processes.

Technology Reform: Artificial Intelligence, Data Privacy, and Social Media

This SIM program gives students the opportunity to grapple with the most important technological matters of the 21st century. Students will work together as United States senators and craft legislation to regulate artificial intelligence, data privacy, and social media.

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